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The European Commission has adopted the Space Programme Regulation for all EU space activities with the largest budget ever for space of €14,88 billion for the years 2021 to 2027.

The Space Programme will::

► deliver high-quality, up-to-date and secure space-related data and services enabling greater socio-economic benefits increased growth and job creation in the EU;

► ensure the continuity and modernisation of the three existing flagship programmes Galileo, Copernicus and EGNOS;

► reinforce new initiatives on Space and Situational Awareness (SSA), including Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), Space Weather and Near Earth Object (NEO) as well as Governmental Satellite Communication (GOVSATCOM);

► support the space industry and foster Europe’s space technological leadership;


► provide enhanced EU security and autonomy and a stronger role for the EU as a leading actor in the space sector;

► contribute to the green and digital transformations of the EU’s economy as well as to its resilience, which are a cornerstone for the European recovery;

► ensure the EU’s autonomous access to space;

► promote the downstream applications/technologies, users and market uptake and the exploitation of the huge potential of space data and services to develop value-adding applications and services;

EU space flagship programmes:
• Copernicus: the most advanced Earth observation system in the world.
• Galileo: the EU’s own global navigation satellite system, providing highly accurate global positioning data.
• EGNOS: provides safe critical navigation services to aviation, maritime and land-based users throughout the EU.

Funding opportunities
A number of different funding opportunities are regularly made available for companies or organisations that want to work with the European Commission’s Directorate General (DG) for Defence Industry and Space (DEFIS) or apply for funding.

DG DEFIS regularly organises:

  • In the framework of public procurement: calls for tenders that are special procedures to generate competing offers from different businesses looking to obtain works, supply or service contracts.
  • Calls for proposals to organisations to obtain grants. These are invitations for suppliers to submit a proposal on a specific commodity or service, i.e. in the framework of Horizon Europe. A grant or a subvention is a direct financial contribution from the European Commission to support a specific action or project of a non-commercial nature, to cover eligible costs directly incurred by the beneficiaries.

In addition, the Space Programme promotes space-based entrepreneurship and its competitiveness in the European space ecosystem. The €1 billion Space Investment Fund CASSINI is:

  • cutting across all components of EU Space programme;
  • supporting actions adapted to the full entrepreneurial lifecycle from idea generation to market entry and growth;
  • covering both upstream (e.g. nanosats, launchers, etc.) and downstream (i.e. start-ups with products/digital services enabled by space data).

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