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Metallurgy Europe AISBL is an international Cluster developed within the framework of the EUREKA Clusters Programme. The cluster has been labelled according to the EUREKA Cluster’s scheme for international cooperation based on a bottom-up approach in the areas of research, development and innovation.

Metallurgy Europe’s operational activities were launched during its opening event and first call in Ulm (Germany) in early 2015. Metallurgy Europe has been set up as an AISBL based in Brussels (Belgium) in March 2016 in order to support the realisation of the Cluster’s projects. Therein, European industry, academia and funding agencies have seized a once-in-a-generation opportunity. The goals are set out in the “Metallurgy Europe Research” Programme aiming at the design, development and deployment of the next generation of revolutionary alloys and composites for key industrial applications, including energy, renewables, mobility and health.

With great enthusiasm the stakeholders are currently engaged in more than 50 projects. The best project proposals were labelled and financed according to the EUREKA-scheme or successfully applied for respective calls within the Horizon 2020 programme or national funding schemes.

Presently, Metallurgy Europe is reviewing the options to apply for a successive labelling vis à vis the EUREKA-scheme as currently specific options of joint calls with other EUREKA Clusters are under appraisal. Regardless of that outcome, Metallurgy Europe continues to ensure its support to the members of its Cluster community in pursuing all possible avenues and strands of international cooperation.

In early 2020, Metallurgy Europe subscribed to the EUFUNDINGHUB to offer its community an even broader support for funding and co-financing opportunities for the initiatives and projects developed by its stakeholders. On European as well as national level numerous funding programmes address the core of Metallurgy Europe’s goals. Thus, Metallurgy Europe will continue to further enhance its activities and supporting its members in the field of funding.

Please contact Metallurgy Europe for further information.

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