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Embrace the Summer Surge: Your Ultimate Guide to EU Funding for Tourism

As the summer break approaches and tourists flight to the beautiful destinations within the EU, there’s no better time to seize the opportunity for your tourism project!

It does not matter if you are an SME, a Start Up, a Joint Venture or a Big company, the EU new budget and multiannual financial framework 2021-2027 and the Next Generation EU power various funding programmes boosting tourism project. You just need to find the appropriate funding for you, and here we are to help you!

Don’t let financial constraints hold you back. Dive into this guide and uncover the keys to unlocking EU funding that will propel your tourism business to new heights.

1. Erasmus+

Erasmus+ is the EU programme that supports citizens in their professional and personal development, by boosting projects dealing with education, training, youth, and sport.

Tourism organizations, education providers, and young talent can all receive funding for a variety of exciting projects. They include fostering mobility, digital skills, cultural heritage and research innovation. Projects which focus on academic and vocational training, adult/lifelong learning, youth and European sport events are also included.

2. Horizon Europe

Among its various objectives, Horizon Europe focuses on Global Challenges and European Industrial Competitiveness. It supports research on societal challenges and strengthens technological and industrial capacities. Additionally, it supports EU missions with ambitious goals to address significant problems including projects conducted by the Joint Research Centre, which provides independent scientific evidence and technical support to EU and national policymakers.

3. LIFE Programme

The LIFE programme is among the key EU initiatives providing funding for projects in environmental and climate action. LIFE also supports tourism activities that contribute to the green transition, developing a circular economy, developing energy efficiency, promoting renewable energy measures, and bringing us closer to climate-neutrality. The aim of LIFE is not only can contribute to a more sustainable future, but also to support and resources to make your green tourism dreams a reality.

4. Recovery and Resilience Facility

The main objective of the Recovery and Resilience Facility fund is to address the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 crisis while fostering sustainability, resilience, and preparedness for the green and digital transitions in European societies. It’s a comprehensive plan that aims to create a more sustainable and resilient future for all, including in industries like tourism. The programme supports projects dealing with green and digital transition, ensuring a brighter and more promising future for everyone involved.

5. European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is part of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), which aims to support and enhance rural communities’ economic viability. Many rural areas in the EU face challenges such as limited job opportunities, skill shortages, inadequate infrastructure, and youth migration. Strengthening the socio-economic fabric of these regions is crucial, focusing on job creation and generational renewal. By supporting tourism projects, the programme aims to foster social inclusion and develop smart villages, enabling a new rural value chain.

Step into the Future: Unleash the potential of your tourism venture! From embracing digital innovation to fostering sustainability and inclusivity, we’ve got you covered every step of the way!

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