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The 2021 CEF Transport Call – roads, rail-road terminals and multimodal logistics platforms

In the framework of the 2021 CEF Transport Call a major objective is to develop road infrastructure projects and rail-road terminals on the TEN-T Comprehensive Network. There are different funding opportunities for Actions related to rail infrastructure.

Roads, rail-road terminals, and multimodal logistic platforms – studies, works or mixed

Funding is available for works on roads and rail-road terminals, with the option to include studies, related to pre-identified road links as stipulated in Section 2 of Part III of the Annex of the CEF Regulations.

The objective is to improve road connections to maritime and inland ports as well as rail-road terminals. In addition, the aim is to construct or upgrade rail-road terminals, combined transport transhipment points and other publicly accessible multimodal logistics platforms located on the TEN-T Network, including:

  • connecting or siding tracks;
  • power connection;
  • safe and secure truck waiting area;
  • clvean transhipment equipment for intermodal loading units;
  • adaptations for 740 m train length;
  • including specific equipment for rolling motorways and the transportation of semi-trailers by rail;
  • ICT equipment and applications.

The foreseen duration of the Action should be maximum 4-5 years.

    Funding for infrastructure Actions related to roads, rail-road terminals, and multimodal logistic platforms development depends on the respective type of Action as well as its location according to the General envelope or the Cohesion envelope.

    Rail Freight Noise – Unit Contribution – only General envelope

    The objective this funding opportunity is to modernise transport infrastructure on the Core and Comprehensive TEN-T Networks. Funding support will be provided for Actions that aim at the reduction of rail freight noise. The supported Actions shall address works to retrofit existing freight wagons. The financial support is available in the form of unit contributions.

    The foreseen duration of the Action should be maximum 4-5 years. The available call budget is EUR 100.000.000.

    ERTMS Actions related to smart and interoperable mobility

    The objective of these Actions relates to the modernisation of European Rail Traffic Management Systems (ERTMS) on the TEN-T Core and Comprehensive Networks. ERTMS Actions will be supported involving on-board and track-side deployment with a priority to rolling out ERTMS on the entire TEN-T Core Network

    Financial support will be provided in the form of unit contributions. The available call budget for the General envelope is EUR 400.000.000 and EUR 150.000.000 for the Cohesion envelope.

    The foreseen duration of the action should be 4-5 years maximum.

    Where relevant, ERTMS Action will be coordinated with 5G corridors deployment. Where relevant, the above-mentioned Actions shall take into account the innovative new technologies and solutions in the fields of smart applications for transport resulting from Horizon Europe activities. Digital platforms supported under CEF must be accessible for use by all operators on a non-discriminatory basis.

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