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Italy’s Recovery and Resilience Plan: One Year Review

Within the framework of the Next Generation EU (NGEU) recovery package, on the 30th of April 2021 Italy transmitted to the European Commission the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP). Let’s examine what has been achieved over the last year and review the funding opportunities still available.

For further information please check out the EUFUNDINGMAG article on Italy NRRP of February 2021.

“Italy has achieved the 51 objectives set by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan by the end of the year” declared Prime Minister Mario Draghi in December 2021, before signing the Operational Arrangements (OA), i.e., the formal acts that establish the periodic mean of verification on the achievement of Milestones and Targets necessary for obtaining the payment of the invoices of the NRRP. A few months later, in April 2022, Italy received its first tranche from the EU, amounting to €21 billion.

Although the comprehensive assessment of the impacts of the Plan in the Italian recovery process is still in its preliminary stage, it is clear that the NRRP directly contributed to the Country’s exceptional GDP growth of +6.6% in 2021, exceeding all expectations.

Following the flow, by 2026 the Recovery Plan is expected to boost the Italian economic system, while reinforcing the implementation of new reforms, investments in strategic sectors, social inclusion and create new jobs.

+1.5% to 2.5%

in Gross Domestic Product as direct effect


jobs created


in Gross Domestic Product as spill-over effect

In line with the Next Generation EU goals, and the six Missions areas already stated, in the first year of the plan’s implementation Italy has prioritized actions focusing on the following topics:

Green transition

Digital transition

Economic and social resilience

Focusing on the Green Transition, part of Mission 2, with a total budget of €60.5 billion, the strategy aims at bringing improvement on the management and waste of water and other natural resources, support sustainable mobility and strengthened energy efficiency of buildings.

The major project example of these interventions is the Ecobonus, i.e., a plan supporting improvement of energy efficiency and sustainable renovation for residential, public, and private buildings which counts already more than 50.000 successful interventions concluded.

For the field of Digital Transition, part of Mission 1, Italy considered as key measures investments in connectivity, including 5G and fibre, and raising awareness on the digital skills of the workforce, while increasing the digitalisation of businesses, public and local authorities, supporting this way the offer of digital public services, data acquisition and transfer, while accelerating the implementation of key e-government projects.

Gigabit connectivity to schools and healthcare facilities is one of the best project examples of these programs that, with more than 105 activities already started and financed, is helping fostering Gigabit and 5G connectivity across the Country, creating 2,600 km of 5G corridors and 10,000 Km of extra-urban roads.

Finally, with a budget of €54.8 billion, the Economic and Social Resilience strategy, as part of Mission 5, is facing some of the major macro-economic Italian challenges, as sluggish productivity, high structural unemployment, low labour market participation, and social and territorial disparities.

As an example, the Childcare facilities project is driving the increase of the supply of childcare facilities by building, renovating, and ensuring the safety of nurseries and preschools.

Besides the ones just introduced, there are many programs financed NPRR’s framework, with different objectives and focusing on different categories of beneficiaries such as: individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies, the third sector and public administration. In addition, new calls for proposals have already been published on ItaliaDomani, the official website for the collection of projects, monitoring and implementation of NRRP funds.

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